SeaBeds Featured In Annapolis Boat Show

Dear Michelle:

I wanted to share how happy my wife and I are with our new mattresses for our sailboat, INTRIGUE! When we met you at the sailboat show in Annapolis this past spring, we were impressed with your commitment to customer service and your extraordinary passion for your product. You made us feel that you would do everything in your power to assure our satisfaction.

My physician wife was impressed with your knowledge of anatomy and your understanding of the importance of proper individual fitting of the mattress for our health and comfort. You did a splendid job of meeting her rather demanding requirements and did so without the least hesitation. Well done!

Boats have rather unique demands for mattress shape and size. We noted how carefully you measured and planned for each of our mattresses. That care and attention resulted in a perfect fit and we are so pleased with the look and feel. These mattresses simply scream quality and craftsmanship!

My wife and I spent the last week sailing our boat to Annapolis, where its builder, Bavaria Yachts, will display the INTRIGUE in the United States Sailboat Show. We both were delighted with the great night’s sleep we enjoyed throughout the week. When we arrived in Annapolis and a representative of Bavaria Yachts inspected your mattresses, he decided that they would display the boat with the mattresses uncovered to feature the quality of your product. What an endorsement!

It’s a real pleasure to experience the way you and your organization do business. My heartfelt congratulations to you and your entire organization for doing it right! It’s too rare today. Thank you for your service to us and for the comfortable nights to come on INTRIGUE!

My very best regards,

Dennis Farmer
Charese Pelham MD