A sleep journey to success

Michelle began her journey in the mattress industry, looking for the perfect mattress to help with her own back pain.

Knowing that your sleep comfort had a direct correlation on your health and well being, Michelle went on a personal quest to find the best mattress she could find.

This quest led her to Custom Comfort by Winn. She was intrigued by the quality and comfort of their product. Following her interest in the company, she began working in the factory. Michelle worked in the factory for many years, learning all she could while designing and building the mattresses. 

Building mattresses in the factory, allowed Michelle to gain a vast knowledge of what goes into building a quality mattress using the best raw materials and how to make the mattress components fit each customers’ individual sleep needs.  This knowledge and hands on experience helped her create and design the various mattress models she carries today.  Now twenty years later, her passion for this product has grown from helping family and friends to helping people all over the world find the perfect mattresses for their home, boat, yacht or RV. 

In addition to her extensive knowledge in the sleep industry, Michelle is extremely passionate about helping people get a good night sleep while providing the best possible customer service experience possible. 

Michelle is the mother of two, her son,Trevor and daughter, Jessica. Both have been involved in the family business their whole lives. As a small business owner, Michelle never sacrificed her relationship with family for business. She is proud of the valuable life skills they have learned working alone side her over the years.

Custom Boat Beds. Why We Do It.

The part of the business that drives Michelle and her staff is being able to make a difference in someone’s life and our community. Some days they exam fueled by the satisfaction of helping someone rest better, and other days be showing them how much they appreciate their business and them as an individual.

Nothing makes them feel more proud than a customer taking time to share their experience and praise our product for providing them a great nights rest free of tossing and turning and pressure points.

A note from Michelle…

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Seabeds by Michelle. we’re excited to provide you with a quality nights rest on a custom and affordable boat bed mattress. We look forward in assisting with your boat beds selection.

We frequently visit trade shows in Miami, Annapolis, St. Petersburg, Ft. Lauderdale and Seattle showcasing our wonderful custom boat mattresses in person. If you are looking for more information on boat beds, click on our contact page and let us know what you are looking for.

Sweet Dreams,

Michelle Brumfield and Staff